How to send mail from your own domain using Gmail and your iPhone

February 11, 2011 by  

In my blog post yesterday I showed you how to configure Google Sync to keep your Gmail, Google Calendar, and Contacts in sync with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  Those steps work great if you use your Gmail address as your primary email address but they won’t let you send mail from your own domain.

I have several different email addresses with different domains names all forwarding mail to Gmail and thanks to it’s flexibility I was able to configure Gmail so that I can send or reply from any of them (with one being the default address for new messages).  For example even though I use Gmail as my email program I rarely use my Gmail address – instead my FROM address is

Although Gmail handles this perfectly I was disappointed when first configured my iPod Touch a few years back using Google Sync that it ignored these settings and always sent mail from my Gmail address.  This was unacceptable to me as I wanted emails I sent to come from my business address and didn’t want to confuse my clients, customers, and colleagues.  I hunted and searched and tested and finally found out how to get this to work. You can still use the steps I shared in yesterday’s post/video to sync your Google Calendars and contacts with your iPhone but you need to turn off the mail option there and follow some special (and somewhat convoluted) steps to get the mail to sync with Gmail AND send from your own domain.

No worries – I’m here to help.  I recorded 2 videos for you below walking you step-by-step through the entire process. The first step would be to have mail from your other domain forward to your Gmail account. I assume you’re probably already doing this but if not you’ll need to go into your current email settings for your domain and set it to forward your mail to your Gmail account. The steps for this will vary depending on how you currently get your email – most likely these settings can be controlled in the control panel of your web or email host.

The next step is to configure Gmail to send mail from your own domain rather than using your Gmail address.  Watch this video to learn how to do this:

The final step is the tricky part – how to get your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to sync with Gmail and use your own domain.  Make sure to follow all the steps in the next video – there are a few gotcha’s (like one part where you have to set it up with your Gmail address, back out, then go back in and change it).  It sounds silly – but you have to do this to make it work. If you follow all these steps in my video you will reach nirvanna and have your Gmail perfectly in sync on your iPhone and be able to send and reply to messages using your own domain. Thing of beauty!!

(NOTE: I know you can use Google Apps to have all mail for your domain integrated with Gmail but for many small business and solo professionals you may prefer to not go through the steps of setting that up and simply use your regular Gmail account.  I actually used Google Apps and switched back to using my regular Gmail account.  I found it made it easier to use all the other Gmail services and often times new features were released to regular Gmail accounts long before Google Apps got them.  Not to mention the iGoogle pages for regular Gmail are MUCH better than those for Google Apps.  There are a lot more widgets available and if you use iGoogle as your startup page or a digital dashboard that definitely makes a difference!)


Big thanks to Rafael who posted a comment below on how to configure your iPhone to support multiple FROM addresses (so if you have multiple email addresses you use you can have a choice which to use when sending).  Here is what you need to do to set that up:

  1. Goto imap account information
  2. At the address box type all your outgoing emails with a comma separator for example,,

This will add a from option when you create new email on the iPhone.

Awesome tip Rafael – what I love about the internet and huzzah to tribal knowledge and the great group we have here at The Anywhere Office!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know if my video walk-thru helped you out or if you have any questions.

  • viji

    how to give the link between feedback to company webmail

  • Peter Barratt

    Can I just say it works a treat – a very very BIG thank-you.
    I had some trouble finding a comma (,) for multiple ‘from’ email addresses, but ended up typing in Notes and then cut and pasting…

    … now if only I can work out how to convince GMail that I have had the same domain name for 10 years, and I fully own it, so that I can get rid of the pesky ‘sent on behalf of ****’ then I’ll be laughing – just a shame the tutorials on google are not as good as yours.
    I don’t write many comments but you really helped me out, so thanks again :-)

    • Phil Montero

      Hey Peter – glad to hear you got it working.  As for getting rid of the “Sent on behalf of” here is the secret to that.  I posted it as a reply to someone else’s comment but I’ll put it here again for you . . . 

      GETTING RID OF “SENT ON BEHALF OF” WHEN SENDING FROM YOUR DOMAIN ON GMAIL:The key to this is how you configure “SEND MAIL AS” in the Gmail options. You need to configure Gmail to use your domains outgoing SMTP server rather than Gmail’s default SMTP Server.  You should have an smtp server from whoever provides your domain hosting (webhost) or your email hosting (sometimes the place you registered your domain with).  You will need to know the smtp server name, the username, the password, and the port (usually 25).Once you have this information follow these steps:1 – Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of gmail and choose MAIL SETTINGS2 – Click ACCOUNTS & IMPORTS from the menu options to edit those settings.3 – Under the SEND MAIL AS settings do to the email (or emails) for your domains you have setup there.  To the right click EDIT INFO4 – Click NEXT STEP to get past where it is asking for your name5 – You probably have checked “Send through Gmail (easier to set up)”.  Instead choose the other option to send mail through your domains setup.6 – Then fill in the smtp server address, username, and port for your domain. Leave “Secured connection usingTLS(recommended)” checked. Then click SAVE CHANGES.That should do the trick.  Any mail you send will be using your domains SMTP servers so it will not show up with the “sent on behalf of” tag in Outlook but it will still all show up in the sent items folder of Gmail and work just as though you sent it through Gmail.This is what I did to get it to work.  Give it a go and let me know how it turns out!Phil

      • Mark

         Is there a way to get the e-mails sent through gmail captured in the sent folders of our domain???

  • Pieter

    Hi Phil,
    Thanks very much. This helped me a lot!!! Now i can really use the IPAD as i want it to work (Work, Private, one account several home users etc)!!!!
    regards from Holland,

    • Phil Montero

      Happy to help Pieter – so glad to here it did the trick!

  • Vincebabin

    Great info, thanks.

    But I have an issue that is odd i guess cause I cant seem to find anything on it.

    I want to receive only from my gmail account, because of the push option, but only send from the imap because it only does a fetch. Is it possible to set the Imap to send only??

  • Jeroneorgo

    My friend and I were more than happy to see this site! ! ! ! I wanted to give thanks to you for your energy and time for this beautiful blog. ! ! I unquestionably having fun with just about every single little piece of this and, I have this article saved as a favorite to always check out latest things you blog post.


    Company set up

  • Dave

    Hi Phil,

    Great info but it seems with the newest update on my iPhone that the advanced section of my new IMAP account I can not choose the sent folder on the server the only option is for the sent folder on my iPhone? This prevents the true “syncing” of the sent folder back to the server. Any suggestions.

    On another note, if I use the Mail App on my MacBook Pro or iMac to send mail instead of can I still acheive true sync-ability across the Mail App client, iPad, iPhone, etc?


  • Kevinaustinnichols

    This was an excellent post.  Thank you so much!

  • Al

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks so much for the video.  I got everything to work, except that now, my “All Mail” folder  is not showing.  Any messages I archive, I can’t seem to find them.  Can you please advise?  Thanks  

    • Phone System

       Thanks a lot for sharing this video!

  • Dana

    Wow. I am no techie and I got most of this to work. I’m still trying to work out getting my from email to be the @domain and not @gmail. I’m on live chat with Namecheap where I’ve asked for my SMTP server name and port, but she said they do not supply this information for email forwarding but they do for email hosting. What is the difference? Any suggestions??

  • Darryl Elvina

    Hey Phil, when I want to add the other email address, where does the verification email get sent to?

    I am using , and want my messages to come from and be sent to darrylelvina @ .

    The verification email doesn’t get sent to , so I have no idea where it goes.. 

  • Christin

    Thanks so much for this tutorial!! This is going to be extremely helpful!!!

  • arthur

    Thanks man!

  • Dave

    Thanks a lot for the great post on How to send mail from your own domain using Gmail and your iPhone. This is very helpful for a newbie like me.

  • Michele

    I have 1 remaining question. My host account is Godaddy. I changed my pop3 account to an iMap account in order to get it to sync properly (I can delete emails from any device and it will delete from the server). Do I still need the iMap account or can I switch back to the pop3 account when syncing with Goggle/Gmail. The iMap is still not syncing very well and I am hoping by using Gmail it will sync better between my devices (iPhone, iPad & PC w/ Outlook)

    • Phil Montero

      Hi Michele – if you simply forward all your mail from Godaddy to Gmail then you will be using IMAP through Gmail not through Godaddy and would no longer need that service from them – simply the ability to forward all mail to your domain address to your gmail address. I hope that helps!

  • RRWD

    After 3 days of trying to get this to work with my iPhone I finally found your videos and thank you, thank you!!!  Exactly what I needed.

  • Tom

    This is great. These two related articles were exactly what I was looking for. I have found that some minor differences in the process such as a couple of interface elements have changed and I was prompted to enter the mail server passwords again when I changed from the email address to my personal one (I guess with iOS 5).

    Also, I have found that in the underlying email data there is a reference to the gmail address even when everything else has been set up and is working fine, all displayed information is my personal address and when replies to email from the iPhone are composed they are  sent to my personal email address. The offending item was the value of the SMTPORIGINATOR which contained my gmail address. I believe that there is the smallest chance that some systems/mail routers may pick this up as a security issues but I’m not sure that there is anything you can do to solve this.

  • Vabendanon

    thks for the help. this worked. however imap mail doesnt push to the phone so u need to delete the incoming server details and create an exchange inbox for incoming emails. this is the best work arnd ive found, anyone got a better way 

  • Sarah

    Thanks very much for this video! I used this for my iPhone and it was perfect. However, I am also trying to do the same for my new mac book pro. I can’t figure out how to ensure that my gmail account sends through my other domain on my mac mail. Please help!

  • Andy

    This is such a great post. I used it to set up our iPhones and now the iPad (3) which it works for too.

    • Phil Montero

      Glad to here all your iOS devices are now happily humming along Andy!

  • Morten

    Hi Phil,
    Great post! I am just a bit confused how Trash/Deleted messages are treated. I hope you can explain.
    I understand that when a mail that is deleted on the iphone it is moved to All Mail on Gmail (assuming Deleted Mailbox is set to All Mail), but what happens on the phone?
    When I delete a mail on my iphone it is moved to the Trash folder on my iPhone – is this behaviour controlled by setting under Advanced on the iphone which Google recommends to set to Never (Advanced/Deleted Messages). If this setting only is controlling the iphone, why would Google recommend a Never setting? It can be set to Never, After one day, After one week and After one month. Does this control only the Trash folder on the iphone or also the All Mail folder (label) on Gmail? How do I ensure that my iphone is not being filled up with deleted mails which I actually like to keep on Gmal/All Mail?

  • Dave Swift

    Quick note on the “How to use multiple from addresses”

    You can’t insert the comma symbol from the email / address field you have to type it in the name field above and then copy and paste it to the email / address field.

    Thanks for the post !

    • Phil Montero

      Great tip Dave – thanks for sharing it here!

  • Superuré

    Mate, if you ever come to London, i owe you a beer in the pub of your choice! This is a brilliant step-by-step!Thanks for taking the time to make it available to us all.

    • Phil Montero

      So glad it helped! And I’ll tell you what my friend – if I come to London I will take you up on that beer!!

  • Balu

    Hi Phil. Thanks for your help! Two more question how do I do the same same thing but this time I need to use my macpro? Also, is it correct to have two account on your iPhone. It seems you created one label gmail and other one google. … Just checking. Thanks!

    • Phil Montero

      Hey Balu – glad the video helped! I had two accounts in my demo because I was using one method to sync calendars and contacts and the method I showed in the above video for mail.

      As for how to do it with your Macpro it depends on what mail app you are using but assuming you are using Apple’s built-in mail app here are some steps that should get you going

  • sandra

    awesome!! i’m glad you did the research for me and created this video. i was getting frustrated! i’m commenting on the second video on setting up the iphone with domain email. the first try, i went too fast. i did an overview of video and tried to recall what you said. didn’t work. so i went back and followed it STEP-BY-STEP along with you. :D worked perfectly. THANK YOU!

    • Phil Montero

      Hey Sandra,

      So glad to hear it worked for you – happy emailing!

  • Mahmud

    Dear Phil, Thanks for your post. But we here in Bangladesh can not see the video probably utube is deactivated in bangladesh. May I have a text instruction for that

    • Phil Montero

      Hey Mahmud – I don’t currently have the steps typed up but will try and get those and add them to this post in the near future.

  • Laure

    Great video and explanation! I was still receiving my emails twice and I finally decided to take care of this matter. You made my day!! Cheers

    • Phil Montero

      Hey Laure – glad I could help and “make your day” – awesome!

  • lex luthor

    worked like a dream!
    cheers Phil you the man!

    • Phil Montero

      Thanks Lex – glad I could be of service!

  • Megan Antlfinger

    Hi Phil

    Thank you so much for the suggestion! It worked great with my Iphone 5. I had been searching for how to do this, and tried again today and found your post.

    • Phil Montero

      Great to hear that Megan – have an awesome day!

  • Bruno

    Hi Phil, I have a complicated problem :) I have a domain and have set the domain space not to keep any email but to forward it all. Now on my gmail account that has been created only to keep the email I have set it up as per your video and everything is working perfectly IF I EMAIL FROM THE WEBGMAIL so the outgoing email is set via the domain server and not the gmail server. Now the problem is that I use Mail from Apple and have all my gmails set as imap. Funny thing is that if I send email from webgmail you will get the correct email address (domain name) if i send from mail (apple) you will get the gmail email and not the email address (domain name). I have setup the outgoing server on mail (apple) exactly as the one on webgmail so I really can’t understand what to do. Can you help? Many thanks Bruno

  • Ian

    Thanks Phil! You rock! :)

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  • Daniel Gottesman

    Hi Phil,
    That works great with IMAP, but then you don’t have push.
    How can I set it up to send from a different address while using an exchange account?

  • Jas

    Hello Phil, thank you for the details above. It took me ages to find a website that knew what it was talking about!

    • Phil Montero

      Awesome Jas – glad I could help!

  • Rob Wise

    Phil, what a godsend your video is!

    But can you help me with my remaining issues. I do all my email filing into subject folders on my Mac in Entourage, but want to have access to it on the go via gmail but just need my mail to be either in the gmail allmail folder (for incoming) or sent items folder (for outgoing).

    Prior to moving from googlemail to gmail and doing your fix, with ‘always bcc myself’ a copy of any email I set from my iphone would appear in my inbox. so then I could download it to my Mac and file it in my sent folder there. Now emails sent from iphone go straight to my gmail sent folder and don’t show up in my gmail inbox and so I can’t download them to my Mac. Any idea how to fix this without going down the full imap route? (I have a legacy of 40k emails filed on gmail in the allmail and sent items folder so do’t want to switch to full imap now!)

    The second issue is getting the emails i send from Mac to appear in my sent items folder on gmail. Currently the only solution I have here is to use a ‘redirect’ rule but that then generates a second outgooijg copy on my Mac which I then have to manually delete. Any ideas?

  • dave

    thanks a lot. really helped me out setting up my own email domain from crazydomains on my iphone without the costly email exchange they were offering. it worked on my mac ox and iphone 3. much appreciated, thanks again

    • Phil Montero

      Sweeet Dave – glad to hear it worked on your Mac and iPhone!

  • Nicola

    Fabulous Phil – I have tried to do this myself for months but couldn’t make it work. Thanks very much for this post and for the additional tip on how to add multiple addresses. My gmail on my iphone now works exactly as I wanted it to!

    • Phil Montero

      Awesome Nicole – some folks have said these steps may not work exactly as in the video after upgrading to ios7. I will have to check it out and let you know – although I have actually switched to using the Gmail App for mail and it takes care of all this.

      • Maria

        Hi Phil, as you said before, your instructions are not exactly working for ios7. Have you already checked it out?

  • Jon

    Phil this video was so helpful! I have been trying to figure this out for months now and got it work immediately with this video. Thank you!

    • Phil Montero

      Hey Jon – so glad it helped!

  • Chika Nwoko

    Hey Phil, I just stumbled on this information. That was an awesome tutorial on how to set up your domain email to send from your iphone. I guess it’s easy when you know how. I followed along with your video to only pause briefly as I typed in my details. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  • Craig

    Thank you. By you taking the time to make this tutorial I am now up-and-running with my business email through gmail when using my iphone. I dread to think how long it would have taken me to piece this together myself. Thanks again!

  • groverland

    amazing! thank you

  • groverland

    I also found and resolved another issue-for this to work, you need to compose mail from the new email name section of the phone, not the all inboxes section.

  • SmokeyDave

    Brilliant. One thing hopefully you can help with. iPad 1 and iPhone 4S appear to be working great on this but my MacAir isn’t and I don’t seem to be able to find how you do this and use gmail and a different domain (my business one) through Mail.

  • Greg H

    I never post on blogs etc… But I just had to write to say WOW!!! I’ve dabbled many times over the many years to try and get my work address operating with my gmail account… Plus trying to get it working on my iOS devices whilst still (crucially for me) keeping all sent mail within gmail.

    Having found your post tonight, I have now got gmail working to and from my business address, and both iPhone and iPad setup. The iOS 7 settings are a bit different and a bit fiddly to figure out… But I got there in the end!!

    Thank you so much!!! :-)

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  • Manuel R

    This solution was working until update my Iphone to OS 8

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